About Me

Michelle Frasher, Ph.D.

I served in academia for nearly 15 years specializing in Counter Terrorism Finance (CTF), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), data privacy, and international monetary affairs. In 2014, I started this blog to share my experiences as a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar in Belgium and Malta where I examined the politics and practice of US-EU data sharing for counter finance terrorism cooperation with an eye to data privacy issues.

Through that experience, I realized that my expertise was very much needed in the corporate compliance realm, and I could contribute to the kinds of solutions for which I had been advocating as an academic. Since February 2016, I have been utilizing this subject matter expertise as a practitioner with LexisNexis Risk Solutions. As the Director of Global Content at WorldCompliance, I work with a fantastic group of professionals who are committed to creating the best data solution to help our clients fight financial crime.

This site aims to showcase my personal research on AML/privacy. I am one of the few that understands the intersection of AML and data privacy from legal, regulatory, and operational perspectives. My 360 understanding of data flows and governance ranges from individual rights, privacy and financial crime regulations, to law enforcement and national security usage.

The content on this site is not owned by my employer nor are the opinions expressed within related to my employer. You may contact me via LinkedIn and twitter @michellefrasher.